About us

Exitact is a company specifically oriented to web media and provides a global platform for advertising, which is easy to operate, well-trusted and high-performing to generate profit.

It was inspired by trying to get publishers and advertisers closer together, and so was the starting point for our business, which was eventually launched in 2011. By prioritizing both publisher and advertiser communities rather than only one of them, we came out with a unique user-friendly system. We enable the best of advertising to provide complex solutions easily.

We provide multiple channels to advertise simply and smart. Our true advantage is that we do not disregard any of today`s web options, equally serving for mobiles, desktops, tablets, as well as providing services for all video formats and offering cutting-edge in-app solutions. We made it possible through our regular modernizations and latest global technology in use. We are very flexible, and this helps us to be quick in responding to the market changes. Given this, our clients are always faster than their competitors.

Our bidding approach is adjustable to serve both publishers and advertisers well and transparent. For the advertisers, there is a diversity of superior websites within our network. For the publishers, there is a real opportunity to make a high and regular profit with our CPM-boosting pop-unders. In both cases, our successful policy for non-wasting will save your investments.

With today`s fast speed, the need for an effective and reliable partner is critical. Still, our publishers and advertisers may sleep well – as no better place in the world for advertising partnership than Exitact.

Be Demanding. Advertise Easy.

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