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Win your any campaign with our unique approach!

With the user network exceeding 100 millions and number of countries going beyond 195, Exitact is now one of the biggest advertising spaces. Whether you are a mobile or web user, we will cater for your needs.

Why advertisers are happy with us? Because we bring them valuable users that contribute to their brand awareness. Whether a small- or large-scale campaign, we perform equally well by providing for wide geography and the targeting at various levels. More than 100,000 superior publishers popularize the advertised products worldwide. Long story short, we make a true difference as compared to our competitors.

Quality Leads
Brand Recognition
Subscriber Opportunities
Committed Clients
Content Delivery

Rewards for Our Advertisers

By choosing Exitact, you enjoy clear-cut benefits

Pay For Results

We cut your risks of paying for nothing – and offer to pay for CPM, CPA, and CPL. Pay for result rather than a bubble.

Get Connected Globally

We offer a wide network of the users to distribute your ads universally by using many different channels. Your clients are easy to reach despite their location.

Follow Effective Reports

We provide a functional panel for report generation. Using our reports, you can trace the progress of your campaigns. Each report is customized, which overall contributes to smart optimization.

Avoid Scams

We offer the trailblazing technology to beat scams through analyzing all users. It helps avoid any fraudulent actions with your brand and enhance the quality of your traffic.

Get the Most of Targeting

We deliver the mainstream targeting solutions that enjoy huge popularity and stimulate money inflows. We help target the potential customers by user location, a device (model, category etc.), frequency capping, time of the day, operating system and etc.

Get Your Own Assistant

We ensure that each advertiser gets a specially selected account manager whose function is to serve the campaign from A to Z. Our account experts are the ones who will make your profit hit the skies.

We solely involve the ads formats that attract the most of users

Feel free to select the ads format you need that fit your goal best

Onclick pop-unders

The main window of a browser hides a landing page or a page-sized advertising piece. And once the browser window is opened or maximized, the ad gets visible.

On-Click Pop-Under is an excellent solution for those advertisers that aim to minimize the budget spent for certain quantities of targeted users taken to their landing pages, apps or websites.

It is a brilliant option to popularize your brand and make it recognizable among thousands of different users.

Ad Solutions for Mobiles

The solutions we offer for your mobile clients allow you to go beyond a single location. You are free to get in touch with your users in any place convenient for them, and for you too!

Why our mobile-oriented developments are interesting for publishers and advertisers – is because we make ads fully compatible with mobile gadgets, both Android and iOS based. Easy to view, easy to download, easy to operate. The functions like Interstitials or Dialog Ads are true to facilitate your campaigns.

We bring committed clients to your resources, whether web or mobile. Start today – and benefit tomorrow!

Ads with Traditional Banners

Despite that traditional banners suffer crossing out every year, they still keep being the most popular online advertising option. Banners remain some of the simplest yet most reliable ways to advertise your brands. Banners get more and more improved bringing a bunch of add-ons.

With us, you can find the most popular banner sizes for mobiles and desktops, IAB standard compliant: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440, 320×50 (mobile compatible).

Engage value-bringing clients and make your brand recognizable using our high-performing banners on a diversity of premium websites.

Direct Link Opportunities

Very flexible, direct links enjoy great popularity – first of all, because advertisers are not required extra spending for promotion support. Simply a landing page address is enough to start your ad.

Because direct links do not need much effort, meanwhile delivering high profit, it is a brilliant and saving way to take the traffic where you wish it to be.

Video Advertising

We offer to advertise your products with video ads lasting from 10 to 30 seconds, which is enough to engage the audience you target. Ads are placed on the websites with superior content and started before games or video pieces.

Your video ads will have the functions like a pre-game, as well as pre-, mid- and post-rolls. You will be able to optimize your advertising for best responding to your business needs.

Benefit from our video advertising solutions for all devices to attract target users and increase brand loyalty.