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We provide hi-end technology that boosts your impressions and grasps your public

Get High ECPMs and Enjoy Geo Worldwide

We have a diversity of local advertising networks at our disposal, as well as an army of direct high-quality advertisers. That is why Exitact is the place where various campaigns are brought together thus stimulating monetization and making for high proceeds by the user.

Ensure Earnings with Automated Optimization

Our experts have developed an unrivaled optimization system, which now makes it possible to not bother with regular campaign monitoring. We suggest special tags for ad slots, which trigger the optimization system, and it supports your campaigns unassisted.

Choose the Highest-performing Ad Slots

We take care that our users receive flexible solutions. We do not bind any losing solutions upon you – rather, you are free to choose the best performers from among a variety of ad slots of the highest quality. Compatible with all platforms and screen sizes, these will boost your profits.

Step #1
1000’s of advertisers and third-party ad networks bid for your inventory.

How we work

Find yourself surrounded by legions of external networks and direct advertisers to encourage your campaign monetization

1. Registration

Register a new publisher account. It is free for all users. You get your account approval immediately.

2. Unique code entry

Get a unique code we provide for our registered publishers. Enter the code in your mobile application or website. The code is easy to operate and install.

3. Profit-making

Benefit from our system for automated optimization. No need to control and analyze your earnings – these are done by the system automatically, using the whole of pricing models.

Turn your every slot into money

Adequate solutions for any format and content: advertising is always profitable with us

Web Optimization

A rich diversity of ad techniques for websites, from traditional ones like text links to trailblazing media tools. To cater to a wider audience and provide for better optimization, we test each ad slot on different sites.

Mobile Compatibility

Total mobile compatibility makes us a number-one choice to deliver to a broad audience. We provide ad solutions for both mobile applications and websites. As such, your users will find it easy to browse on any smartphones and tablets.

Software Monetization

All software developers will find our services valuable, as we are here to monetize your any app, or toolbar, or browser, or whatever else it may be somehow related to software. Our experts deliver winning ads to your developments, to capitalize on them.

Advertising for Game Fans

If you own a game resource or developed a game yourself, we are your best choice to earn money. Our game-oriented experts will select the advertising content most appropriate for gamers.

Profiting on Social Content

The content like social groups and similar needs a special approach with ad selection. The ads selected with us will attract the target audience and encourage your money inflows.

404 Page is Not a Waste Anymore

404 page is widely known to be troublesome for advertising earnings. But we are rather an exception, as 404 pages get monetized easily with our sophisticated money-raising solutions like full-screen ads and other, which are a great alternative.

Increase eCPM with advanced solutions

We combine analytical optimization and human control to inspire your proceeds

We deliver hi-end technology aimed to match the website content and ad slots on a tailor-made basis. No general approach – only individual selection of advertisers, to best hit the target audience.

No need for regular manual controls of your returns with our optimization system. It traces your eCPMs continuously and takes care that you are paid consistently.

Prominent fill rates globally mean that we can serve users anytime they get in touch with your content.

Why Publishers Choose Us

They have benefits with Exitact

We are 100% safe

Our safety policy is very strict, which results in 100% protection of your users, including no viruses.

We are flexible

We develop ourselves the solutions for advertising following the latest industry trends, including the technology for best optimization.

We provide individual care

You are assigned an individual account manager, and you can anytime reach out any member of our solid team.

We generate customized reports

You may find specially generated reports in your personal account, which will help you to be in tune.

We encourage bonuses

We grant a 5% lifelong discount to any and all users who will share the information about Exitact.

We ensure timely payments

We take care that you are paid on schedule, and we also provide a variety of payment options on a Net15 basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your question – our reply

We aim to show the highest-performing ad slots, which bring the most of the return every time a user views a page. We pay the best eCPM price per thousand impressions, but still, your profit will depend on a type of site, user location, device, ad slot itself, as well as advertiser`s metrics. Please, find more details on our blog.
With a few rare exceptions, we accept all sites regardless of traffic volume. However, we do not accept websites containing adult content, malware and any other content that violates our Terms and Conditions.
The sign-up process is simple and 100% free of charge. Visit our sign up page and fill in the registration form. Your account will be activated as soon as you confirm your email address.
Our monetization solutions are indeed fully compatible with all other networks.
Yes, if you would like to disconnect a campaign from your site, simply contact our support team with the details and the unwanted ads will be filtered out of your ad channels.
Exitact offer several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments: Bank Wire, Payoneer Prepaid, Mastercard ®, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney.

Payments are processed automatically and based on NET 30 terms.

If you cannot find out the answer or you want to speak with the expert directly, search the necessary information at our Knowledge Center. Feel free to ask whatever you consider important.

Enjoy the assistance of our account managers to start with your registration, or increase your income, or whatever else you may need for profitable advertising.