To make your social media ads win the market, we concentrate upon the following milestones:

Only Rational Investments

With today`s universal craving for social media, these are becoming ever more popular advertising tools likely to bring huge earnings to those using them effectively. Social media advertising is a true economizer where you can involve a thousand of the users for as little as five dollars and we even offer it three times cheaper.

Only Focused Statistics

Focused stats are one of the multiple social media advantages. Our committed experts will concentrate upon the following to focus your frequent user statistics:

  • Statistical figures: We will study the age, gender, education, job and other statistical data of your frequent users – match the ads in search of guaranteed income increase.
  • Retargeting: We will retarget your ads to involve those who have visited your website recently. Our experts will do their best to retain visitors thus increasing your conversions.
  • Emails: We will adjust ad units for your emailing. Provide us with the emails related to your previous clients – and our experts will start monetizing your contacts.

Only Wide User Outreach

Exitact enables reaching your users immediately, with no need to wait for revenues lifelong. It largely depends on your budget, which accelerates the money-making process considerably. Attract users and generate traffic quickly and in big volumes.

Ads for Social Media: How It Works

Step 1: We provide a savvy manager to you individually

Each our client is assigned a savvy account manager to lend a helping hand whenever needed. To help with registration, to explain our concept, to start and further control the money-making process – our committed manager will tackle it, after the in-depth study of your business and advertising pursuits.

Step 2: We make a strategy that does work

We make much of smart planning – that is why we never start working without a sound advertising strategy. It is important that strategies are not standard but rather developed for your business individually. In the suggested strategy, you will see the breakdown by the key parameters like ways of conversion increase, traffic quality contributions, retargeting techniques etc.

Step 3: We create ads that involve

Our experts will create the ads that best fit your user environment. Texts, images, headlines – benefit from all the essentials made by true professionals. A-B splits, and other tools will be used to verify that particular ads involve and, on the contrary, to remove those proving failures.

Step 4: We monitor your ads to guarantee success 

The monitoring system we offer is a powerful tool to detect the weaknesses of your campaigns. If some of your ads is a low performer, our experts in charge will see it immediately – and stop the failure. Our team can develop the new ad units to replace the losing ones.

Step 5: We make performance reports

We enable the generation of customized reports for you to know the progress and see the spending. Your account manager will deliver reports on a monthly basis. All users can also trace conversions.

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