Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

At Exitact, we keep all client information strictly confidential. We apply our Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy to any data collected from and about our users for servicing purposes. This Policy equally applies to mobile advertising services and products (jointly referred to as the “Services”), as well as to our websites at www.exitact.com (jointly referred to as the “Websites”).

Who We Are

We render upmarket advertising services for mobiles. Our experts offer a variety of customized ad solutions for our clients focused on the mobile user segment. At Exitact, we use the in-house technology to keep with the most recent market trends. And a premium network of the publishers and application developers (jointly referred as the “Network”) is among our strong advantages, which contribute to winning client campaigns.

Data Collection and Sharing: Our Websites

Exitact exclusively owns the whole of the information collected on their websites for operating purposes, which can be either Private Information (“PI”) or Non-Private Information (“Non-PI”). PI is any personal client-related data like name, location, contacts, bank details, etc. Non-PI is the data not deemed client`s identity.

No information collected on our Websites is or may be sold. Still, we may provide it to third parties to facilitate service rendering and overall ensure the course of business. Among other, we use this information at Exitact to notify our clients, enable account signups for publishers and advertisers, or as otherwise may be required.

All users are entitled to ask for their PI non-disclosures, fully or partially. Whether to amend, or withdraw, or ensure against third-party disclosures, you may contact us and resolve the issue.

Data Collection and Sharing: Our Network and Partners

At Exitact, we collect the Non-PI all across our Network. It is not the user identity information, and it usually comes available from gadgets. It, among other, may include, but is not limited to Wi-Fi or GPS identifiers – and overall any anonymous identifiers somehow linked to mobiles. To collect the information like that, we extensively use the technologies like “cookies” and other.

At Exitact, we may similarly collect the Non-PI from our Partners and use that sort of information in our everyday operations.

Such Non-PI collected from either our Network or our Partners is aimed to support our technology in tackling a wide variety of routine tasks. We use it to secure frequency capping, improve the pertinence of advertising and make it challenging, determine the browser-and-device correlations, match particular ads to particular mobiles, render click-through reports to clients etc.

As part of our Policy, we may share any of such Non-PI with vendors, clients, partners and any other parties critical to our operations. This information can be equally used to encourage personalized advertising, as described below.

Sharing of Other Data

We may provide our Partners with the information, which does not qualify for any identification. Also, we may disclose any information, including the identity one, if deem it necessary to comply with the legal regulations and statutory procedures, including the court rulings.

We may equally disclose any information if deem it necessary to protect our legal rights or those of our users and/or clients, including when it goes about safety. Such information disclosures may also be required and made in relation to M&A, bankruptcy, and insolvency, asset disposal etc.

As part of our Policy, any affiliated entities of Exitact may share information with other affiliated entities or with one another.

Personalized Advertising

At Exitact, we select the ads to particularly involve mobile users, and it is made possible with our in-house technology as well as the information regularly collected and extensively used for adequate ads relevance. Mobile applications, mobile web and other sources make for a huge bulk of data facilitating our personalized advertising operations and eventually allowing us to increase performance. Seeking to hit this purpose, we also use widely the data collected and/or shared with and by our Partners and other parties.

Our experts may link the identifiers gathered by Exitact for personalized advertising purposes to other data, which give some insight into user preferences. In other words, if a user is about to rent a house, this sort of data will help us to provide him with the appropriate ad units. This increases remarkably the ads pertinence thus allowing us to serve better.

Websites by Third Parties

Users can find links to other websites on our Websites, which are the websites run by third parties. There can be Exitact’s partner websites or any sites somehow related to Exitact operations. As a part of our Policy, we may also give links to applications or content offered or developed by any third parties.

Meanwhile, Exitact should not be held liable with respect to any policies and privacy regulations accepted on those websites. This is also applicable to any applications and content provided on such third-party sites. It should be noted that this Policy shall not apply to any stuff provided by third parties, which may only be governed by their own policies.

Collection of User Information on Behalf of Third Parties

If so requested by any third parties, including our clients or partners, we may collect user information, both PI, and Non-PI. The cases of user information collected on behalf of third parties may include, without limitation, the data submission in response to an ad provided by Exitact on the advertiser`s behalf. Our mission is to collect this information and pass it on to the advertiser.

Child Security

Should there be any guess that children left any of their personal data on Exitact – whether by signups or whatever else it may be, we are always willing to help and check it and finally withdraw on request. Feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Protection of Information

We take care at Exitact that all the collected information is duly protected against any violations, or scams, or damage. To tackle this issue, we specially develop and upgrade the technology, both soft- and hardware, to monitor the information security on an ongoing basis.

Amendments to Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

At Exitact, we regularly review our policies to keep them updated and market-consistent. Should there be any need in amending either of the Policy provisions, our experts will introduce the required changes, with the further posting of the updated Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy for your information.